March 19, 2016

Who will be the next US President ?

Most readers worldwide are wondering who will be the next US president as the primaries show the above two as candidates for the Republican and Democratic Parties respectively.

As usual George Clooney has started calling Trump xenophobic, but then all pro-Democrats do that.

Personally, I like Trump despite his politically incorrect opinions. In the end, he does get things done and that is what matters. Hillary would create history if she were to be elected as the First US Woman President. But I feel the Democrats have been in power for too long and it is time for GOP to take back power. Democrats are suave, sweet and just talk. Republicans might seem like fools ( except for George Bush Jr. who really was foolish enough to invade Iraq and Afghanistan), rich, dominating but at least they act and don’t lecture about action.

I like Hillary but feel she should have told her husband in 1998 to go to hell when the Lewinsky scandal broke out. I would have respected her if she had divorced her husband instead of standing by him. I can understand it must have been for Chelsea but she should have brooked no BS from her husband. That would have proved to me she was a strong leader.

Some say, Trump is more of a dictator rather than a strong leader. I disagree. Just because he doesn’t please mainstream media, doesn’t mean he is a dictator! And we all know what media can do when they like or dislike someone.

Even though many from the rest of the world think Hillary is the better leader, I am all for Trump to Triumph. With him at the helm, we would know where US stands and that matters more to me than all the politically correct talk and zero action by Obama and Hillary.

© 2016 by Deepa Kandaswamy