April 8, 2016

Tamilnadu assembly elections 2016

I wonder who will win Tamilnadu assembly elections next month. All parties are confident they will win and this makes it one of the dullest elections of all time.

The main contenders are ADMK, DMK, DMDK-PWA alliance and PMK.

While many media polls state that the ADMK and DMK are the parties to watch out for, DMDK-PWA alliance seems to be slowly gaining ground with youth especially after the attempt to split DMDK allegedly by DMK. 

What worries me is this - most of the leaders seem to be ill - Karunanidhi of DMK is in a wheelchair, Jayalalitha hardly meets the press which leads to speculation if she is well, DMDK chief seems to have trouble walking up the stairs. 

PMK candidate is a doctor - Anbumani Ramadoss looks healthy but it is a caste based party which is unable to shake off the caste stamp despite what the leader promises -prohibition and removal of corruption in the state.

All promise so much but delivery of it is doubtful as we all know about an Indian politician's promise...