November 11, 2016

Trump Triumphs US Media Pundits

The US media got it wrong as usual and I was not surprised. While I predicted the result, the reaction after the result was what left me stunned. 

The  Media

American media called it a tragedy using different words. I was puzzled and surprised. Various reasons have been given in the analysis of Trump Triumphing Media Pundits. The first was racism and that KKK won!  This makes no sense as they also elected Obama for two terms. Does this mean racists voted for Obama ?

Another one was it was a sexist vote as Hillary was a woman. Then how come a majority of women voted for Trump? 
Other reasons  include only illiterate people voted for Trump. Then there are claims that only poor people voted for Trump. 

Both the above reasons seem to suggest that the poor and illiterate are a majority in the US while all those who voted for Hillary were educated, rich, unbiased and feminist. Is this what most of the American media is suggesting ?

Finally today, Asra Nomani posted the first sane article in the Washington Post.

I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump.

The American people

I did not expect Hillary supporters to go on the offensive because their candidate didn't get elected. Burning effigies, really?  Protest marches, really ? This from Democratic
Party supporters who believe in democracy ? How ironical! The educated are fighting because they didn't win? It seems they are in denial that they have to accept the verdict.
Suddenly, they are discovering that they have an electoral college system that doesn't work! Wow.

Twitter is full of incidents of how White Supremacists who are Trump supporters are  threatening minorities - lingual, racial and religious in the US. They have been doing it before  under Obama but suddenly Trump victory has got people complaining on Twitter. Why is Obama quiet about these complaints and you don't see Hillary's supporters condemning it ? 
If that is true, I condemn it though Americans will claim they are living the American dream and how it is a huge melting pot, etc.
Being the businessman that he is, Trump hopefully is a better President and unifies US and gets USA to what it was always good at - technical innovation and peace making. If Trump is able to make US and Russia work together, that will end the proxy Cold war that has been funding Islamic terrorism worldwide.

Will it happen ? In six months, we will know.